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Holistic Vet

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Email: doctor.rohini88@gmail.com

Lauren T. of Robbinsville, NJ was able to avoid surgery for her dog...
I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Rohini for the past year. She has been such a breath of fresh air. She always puts the needs of my two dogs first and has provided us with the most wonderful transformation of my girls (English Springer and Field English Cocker). My Springer has been through multiple surgeries due to allergies and CCL issues over six years.  The list of medications prescribed for her is too long to list, but traditional allergy treatments were not helping. (Since seeing Dr. Rohini), this is the first summer she has been without issues, allergy shots, antibiotics and Apoquel. The diet changes, Chinese herbs, natural supplements and healing sessions have helped restore her immune system which has allowed her to heal.   

My Cocker had a partial CCL tear, and I was being advised traditionally to have the surgery. With Dr. Rohini's support and guidance, we worked with a custom brace company in PA to help her heal without surgery. She is 12 years old and back to her normal routine without any surgery recovery or risks. She has healed with the brace and herbal supplements to help her joints.

I enthusiastically recommend spending time with Dr. Rohini to help your furry friends. You will be amazed at what healing can be accomplished without harsh and potentially dangerous drugs. It is not a "quick" fix like prescriptions but the long term impact makes them healthier and happier. My two dogs are always looking forward to that ride to Bag of Bones Barkery for their visits.   
Sarah M. of Manalapan, NJ's dogs aren't overusing antibiotics...
I am super thankful to have found Dr. Rohini to help treat my dog. After years of dealing with recurrent UTIs and allergy issues, it was a relief to not have to keep loading my dog up with antibiotic after antibiotic. Healing from the inside is her specialty, and she works to get to the bottom of the problem and solve the issues to keep your pets healthy.


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